Patients are the heart of what we do every day
Willow Brook Wellness Center (Willow Brook) is a 12-bed in-patient behavioral health component of Northridge Medical Center. We understand that it can be difficult and overwhelming if you or a loved one is experiencing confusion, depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior or the inability to perform everyday living tasks.

Our goal at Willow Brook is to assist the patient back into their home and community. 

Helping Older Adults With Life’s Challenges
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Areas of Focus
The Willow Brook team utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach which includes a medical director, hospitalist, psychiatrist, nurse manager/program director, therapists, nursing professionals and social worker.

Willow Brook has specialized programs and services for patients with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Unresolved grief
  • Alzheimer's and other dementias
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Patients can be referred by: self, family, physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing center, assisted living communities or emergency rooms.

"Thank you for the care and attention you gave my father while he was a patient at Willow Brook. We were both scared and did not know what to expect. The staff showed great patience and were very calm and understanding. I was anxious about his progress, but everyone was so reassuring and he improved and was back to his old self. I am impressed with all the nurses, doctors and aids. Thank you for helping him get back on track. Keep up the good work; you helped us through the storm."
— Daughter of Willow Brook patient

"Thank you to the doctors and nurses for being so kind to me. Your kindness and mercy has helped me through each day. Thank you!"
— Willow Brook patient

"I visited my wife a lot while she was in Willow Brook, and I observed several bright spots. The nurses helped show me how to help her and the activities director helped stimulate her daily routine. Thank you for your exemplary work and for the concern they showed my wife and me."
— Husband of Willow Brook patient

"The process of referring and getting a patient admitted to Willow Brook is the quickest I have ever experienced. All the staff are helpful and we are so glad to be able to refer patients and their families to Willow Brook."
— Case Manager of Skilled Nursing Center